Robotized manufacturing of next generation energy-saving walls


We are building a game changing nZEB* wall solution that scales

With buildings responsible for 30% of global energy consumption, we recognize the urgent need to focus on enhancing their energy efficiency. By creating superior building envelopes, we can play a pivotal role in averting the climate crisis.

Unlike current *near Zero Energy Building walls


Our patented prefab wall is designed specifically for robotized manufacturing. It reduces labor costs by 80%, resulting in up to 30% overall cost savings in prefab manufacturing.


SteelLeanel walls can reduce building energy consumption by up to 80%, while facilitating good recyclability and reusability, minimizing waste and the need for virgin raw materials.


The core structure of SteelLeanel wall is designed to be safe and resilient in every climate. It has been validated for long term energy efficiency and durability by scientific experts.

Energy-efficient walls with scalable manufacturing

Every aspect, from airtightness to eliminating cold bridges, is precisely designed to deliver optimal thermal performance. Attention to detail and careful material selections enable the wide use of robots, leading to a highly automated manufacturing process. SteelLeanel not only boosts efficiency and productivity, but also will help the construction industry address the shortage of skilled workforce.

Meeting the growing demand for energy-efficient buildings

The demand for energy-efficient buildings is rapidly increasing, with the EU setting ambitious targets for 35 million nZEB renovations by 2030 and requiring all new buildings to meet nZEB standards since 2021. Our versatile prefabricated wall solution is specifically designed to meet this growing demand. Whether it’s for new construction projects, renovation projects, or the addition of floors in existing buildings, SteelLeanel offers a scalable and adaptable solution that enhances energy efficiency while maintaining design flexibility.

SteelLeanel prefab walls are ideal for new construction both as a load-bearing wall and as a part of a hybrid construction

New construction

SteelLeanel walls can serve as a load-bearing structure or as a part of a hybrid construction, offering a versatile solution for new building projects.

SteelLeanel prefabs are great for energy renovations, where the existing load-bearing structure is being preserved


Ideal for facade and energy renovations, where the existing load-bearing structure is being preserved. No limitations on floor levels.

SteelLeanel prefab walls can be used to build additional floors to existing buildings

Additional floors

Seamlessly add floors to existing buildings using lightweight SteelLeanel prefabs & modules maintaining complete freedom to select the facade material.

What the experts say about us

“SteelLeanel structure has a very good potential to fulfil the moisture-safe hygrothermal behaviour and the nZEB requirements in much more controlled way than many existing wooden frame solutions. One-layer insulation without leaking seams, optimal steel frame and insulation dimensions, as well as right material choices will make this difference.”

Professor Juha Vinha

Building Physics, Tampere University

“We believe that SteelLeanel can be a breakthrough solution to nZEB challenges.”

Pekka Roivio

Director, Ruukki Construction

“SteelLeanel can help solve two big problems in construction business – low productivity and varying quality.”

Ahti Junttila

Experienced Construction Professional, 

Rakennusneuvos (Finnish honorary title)

Transforming the way walls are built

EPBD sparks conflict between theory and implementation

In Finland, a northern country with a rich history in insulating buildings for harsh climates, the implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) ignited a heated debate on achieving energy efficiency goals. The focus was on increasing insulation in building walls to enhance thermal resistance. However, it became evident that thicker insulation could render structures more vulnerable to errors and, in a changing climate, this could lead to serious humidity issues. It has also been found that construction errors can significantly impair thermal insulation. Jarmo, our visionary founder with extensive experience in construction, recognized the disparity between theory and practice resulting from manual labor and material choices. Driven to tackle these shortcomings, he took decisive action.

Leanel - addressing the shortcomings

Determined to enhance construction efficiency and find a safer way to improve thermal insulation, Jarmo and Jesse developed the Leanel wall structure in 2018. This innovative design combined a PIR insulation board with a wooden frame, assembled by a robot. The result was a solution that prioritized the best insulation materials, minimized waste, improved work safety, and embraced digitalization and automation. This ongoing venture has shown success in its field and serves as a proof of concept in robotizing prefab manufacturing.

Aiming higher: Light Steel Frame innovation

Recognizing the need to tackle a larger challenge in global building energy efficiency, Jarmo’s brother, Jorma, an expert in Light Steel construction, developed a new Light Steel Frame (LSF) structure that was compatible with fully robotized production. The precision of steel enabled advanced levels of automation, and its exceptional durability and strength allowed for construction in more humid climates and the creation of taller structures. Rigorous testing and validation by scientific and industrial experts from 2018 to 2022 confirmed the reliability and effectiveness of the SteelLeanel structure. With 21 registered patents and 2 pending, our innovative technology stands at the forefront of the industry.

SteelLeanel low energy walls are designed to be safe

SteelLeanel - building the future

Established in 2022, SteelLeanel Ltd combines the expertise of Leanel and Jorma’s Light Steel construction knowledge. Our mission is to revolutionize the construction industry by providing advanced manufacturing technology for our energy-efficient walls, surpassing traditional methods and products. With a focus on precision, sustainability, and scalability, SteelLeanel is transforming the way walls are built. Our extensive patent portfolio showcases our commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology. Together, we are building a future where energy-efficient construction is the norm.

Pilot Factory – the next step

Our upcoming Pilot Factory in Finland marks a significant milestone in our journey. It serves as a launchpad for our revolutionary technology, showcasing our cutting-edge features to stakeholders and industry leaders. As we continue to drive innovation and shape the future of construction, we are actively seeking funding opportunities to accelerate our growth and expand our impact.

Find out how our technology could transform your business

If you are interested in being a part of this transformative journey and want to contribute to the advancement of energy-efficient construction, we invite you to reach out to us. Let’s collaborate and create a sustainable and efficient built environment together. Contact us today to discuss investment and partnership opportunities.

Meet the founders

Jarmo Kinnunen, CEO of SteelLeanel

Jarmo Kinnunen, CEO

+358 40 173 5353

Construction Visionary and Innovator

With over 33 years of experience in the construction industry, Jarmo is the driving force behind SteelLeanel. His expertise spans project management, organizational development, and construction business. As the inventor of the Leanel wood-framed element system, Jarmo has demonstrated his visionary thinking and commitment to revolutionizing the way walls are built.

Jorma Kinnunen, CTO of SteelLeanel

Jorma Kinnunen, CTO

+358 50 557 0058

Global Expert in LSF Construction

Jorma brings a wealth of technical knowledge and experience to the SteelLeanel team. With 30 years of experience in the Light Steel Frame business across four continents, Jorma has honed his skills in product development and managing complex development processes. His expertise in materials and construction technologies has been instrumental in the advancement of our innovative solutions.

Jesse Kinnunen, CDO of SteelLeanel

Jesse Kinnunen, CDO

+358 40 821 2970

Bridging Construction and Robotics

Empowering visionary ideas with a versatile digital skill set, Jesse is driven by a passion for technology and a keen eye for detail. With expertise in 3D design, visualization, robotics, and construction, Jesse helps bringing innovative concepts to life. His commitment to continuous innovation helps the SteelLeanel team shape the future of energy-efficient building solutions.

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